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Programs and Projects

Discover Tametria's programming and ventures and how they fit your projects and ideas.

Betterway Teknowledgy, LLC, d/b/a Betterway Tek; providing a better way for you to do business.

Our team of professionals with over 40 years of combined private and government business expertise, provides business consulting services in a myriad of specialized areas. From assistance streamlining processes, development of policies and procedures, staff training, leadership development and team building. We also assist in development strategies to increase profit margins, staffing, development of new business models/concepts, create and produce jingles, assist with all aspects of the procurement process to include contract negotiations, bids, Request for Proposal (RFPs), Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI), legal and accounting referrals and much more.

Mixed Chick Entertainment, LLC d/b/a Bougie T Productions

Providing professional entertainment for any occasion. Bands, Musicians, Actors/Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Photographers, Videographers, Cinematographers, Directors, Playwrights, Editors, Production teams, Event Planners, Stage hands and more. Whatever your entertainment needs are, we can fulfill them!

Act on IT Guild, Inc.

A non-profit organization that provides alternative therapy and healing through the Arts; theatre, film, music, dance, poetry/spoken word, comedy and the like.


The Arts is a safe haven for many; including myself. After many life challenges it was on stage where I was able to renew my hope and gain a greater appreciation and outlook on life. The stage, be it singing, acting, poetry and even writing became the spackle that filled the cracks and holes left behind from tragedy and the many challenges and obstacles I’ve faced. It was only when I had an epiphany just two years ago, returned to the arts after losing myself to life and the tragedies that came with it, that I felt alive again and began to operate in my purpose. Since then, I’ve learned that you never give up on your dreams and where your passion is, therein lie’s your purpose and your healing.


It is from my own life experience that I decided I needed to do more; hence the birth of Act on it Guild, Inc. (AOIG. It is supported by Board members and volunteers in the entertainment industry, educational and mental health arenas, who work together with participants to create thought provoking and life changing productions and films. All of the productions are from participants actual life challenges which they voluntarily share anonymously or openly. Participants, together with the volunteers look for solutions to those issues which unfolds on Stage; many of which audience members identify with and are able to receive healing and hope too! What is unique with Act on it Guild, Inc., is that it is open to those who are not entertainers but perhaps have an intersect or skill set for other areas in the Arts such as lightening, sound engineering, stage hand, marketing, etc. There is a place for everyone. It is mission of Act on it Guild, Inc. to help youth and adults address their issues, find healing and the courage to move on with their lives in a healthy and productive way and to pursue their dreams, while providing marketable and employable skills in the entertainment industry.